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February 24, 2018

Economic Hitman

I’ve shared this video numerous times on Facebook. It gives a great overview of the corruption of corporations, the US government, and the military complex.

This is straight from IMF whistleblower John Perkins, a self-proclaimed economic hitman.

What can be said about a man who changed the fate of an entire country for the worse? Many appreciate John Perkins for coming clean about his involvement in a corrupt system…and more importantly, explaining this system to the world. I’m not so generous. While I appreciate the information, I’d much rather this be made public from a good, honest person who backed away from the system before ever getting his hands dirty.

The fact that he has been indirectly involved in the killing of honest presidents should disgust us. But I’ve never seen anyone make mention of it. He made millions off the backs of the poor, oppressed people. How he can walk the streets without being assassinated amazes me.

Now he gets to redeem himself and get the attention and appreciation that many great activists will never know. Still the information needs to be witnessed…and so I help promote this man who I believe to be a sociopath. I have to balance the good with bad and come to the conclusion that his information needs to be known. And only a corrupt individual could give such information.

This is an important documentary that needs to be seen by all:

Apologies of an Economic Hitman

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