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February 24, 2018

Honey Bees

“You know that mankind is in trouble when corporations enthusiastically pay Harvard University to create a robot bee instead of focusing that effort to save the honeybee created by the Universe.” –Anastacia Billman, the N.E.S.T.

Robotic Bee vs Honeybee: Which Do You Want in the Future?


I’m starting this section with an article about robotic bees for a reason. It shows the urgency of the subject at hand. People have known for years that the honeybee populations are declining. But it really hits home when the discussion is redirected to a well-respected university and their race to come up with a programmed piece of metal to replace this delicate creature. My daughter and I went out for a leisurely lunch today. To her dismay, I polled a few men to see if they would believe that Harvard University was creating robotic bees. It’s one of the …continue reading