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February 24, 2018

Our Heroes

Trash Not Only to Treasure, But Also to Homes for the Homeless

Gregory Kloehn used to go dumpster diving to create artwork.  Now he dumpster dives to provide homes for the homeless.  His creations are about the same dimensions as a couch and are equipped with wheels and a pitched roof.  He would like to teach others how to do the same to provide more shelters to homeless people everywhere.   To start a local group of people to build shelters for homeless, click here.

Richard Gage: Founder of A&E for 9-11 Truth

Richard Gage is passionate about 9-11 Truth.  Everything he’s founded and accomplished with the A&E for 9-11 Truth has come from the heart.  As seen in this video, he credits others for starting the 9-11 Truth Movement and claims that they are the real heros.  His smile in this video is genuine, as is his appreciation for others. DC 9/11 Truth Conference” -Richard Gage, AIA – 20 min. Reflection   Two additional heroes and dear friends Phil Restino and Brett Bracewel delivered a spotlight to bring attention to Building 7 on the tenth anniversary of 9-11.  You are guaranteed to enjoy this story. …continue reading