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February 24, 2018

Robotic Bee vs Honeybee: Which Do You Want in the Future?

You’re told that Harvard University is creating robotic bees to replace the honeybee. Your response is:

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I’m starting this section with an article about robotic bees for a reason. It shows the urgency of the subject at hand. People have known for years that the honeybee populations are declining. But it really hits home when the discussion is redirected to a well-respected university and their race to come up with a programmed piece of metal to replace this delicate creature.

My daughter and I went out for a leisurely lunch today. To her dismay, I polled a few men to see if they would believe that Harvard University was creating robotic bees. It’s one of the tragedies that comes with having an activist “truther” mom.

People are funny about certain topics. It’s fine to discuss superficial things like the weather or sports teams. But bring up a story of substance and their demeanor changes. They try to hold a smile to hide the frenzy that’s taking place in their brain. It’s pretty safe to say that they’re most likely trying to calculate whether the discussion could make for an entertaining water cooler story…or if they should abort thoughts of a good laugh for self preservation and the nearest exit.

I assured each of my victims that this robotic bee could easily be verified. After all, Harvard is proud of their advancements in technology. In return, each politely assured me that he would Google it. I’m positive that if I’d polled a hundred people, one or two wouldn’t have been so polite. Whether these men will actually follow through is questionable.

The main point of this is that people are far removed from the reality that is taking place. And unfortunately it’s not just the plight of the bees. Unless people become involved, the corporations will continue down a path that is most beneficial to them, not us. Producing poisons is a big business. Replacing the bee could also prove profitable. More people need to become informed and take action to stop this. I would like to believe that we can collectively change the path that we’re on and make the need for robotic bees obsolete. Let them use the robobees in movies and theme parks. We want to keep honeybees in our fields, on our farms…and even in our neighborhoods.

The Robobee Project Is Building Flying Robots the Size of Insects:

Robotic Insects Make First Controlled Flight
Date: May 2, 2013


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