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February 24, 2018

Take Action to Save the Honeybees

Take action to save the honey bee

Take action to save the honey bee

Each Person Can Make a Difference:

  1. Understand the effects of pesticides on bees so you are not tricked by the propaganda.This is one of many studies that explain the effects of pesticides on honeybees. I’m including it because it shows that the kill is not immediate but rather results from a:
  1. Don’t expect the EPA to protect the honeybee, or anything else for that matter. There’s a revolving door between many government agencies and corporations like Monsanto. Because of this policy of greed and profit, concerns for safety go out the window.
  1. Research products which should be avoided and find safe alternatives. This a great link to start with because products to avoid are listed as well as alternative solutions.
  1. More alternatives:
  1. Plant a garden for bees:
  1. Share information with friends and neighbors. Every effort is important and collectively makes a difference.
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